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After some discussion, and a review of costs, we are no longer doing shows.

This is mainly for two reasons:

One, we are finding that the costs for the stand, van hire, fuel, accommodation (we often have to drive up the night before and stay overnight) are just eat into any sales we make to such an extent that they are simply not financially viable. It's not that we are not selling well at shows, but that the costs associated are now so high that we expend a massive amount of energy (and we are not as young as we used to be).

Two, is staff. I work full time all week, Chas and Sarah work hard part time in the factory, which means a lot of the behind the scenes work in keeping QRF going is done in the evenings and weekends. We have had a variety of volunteer helpers at shows in the past (Paul, Martin, Gary...) but we are just finding it harder to find staff to man the shows.

We may still turn up at odd shows, but generally speaking we are turning to mail order only (and actually have been for several months now). We can, however, accept your order through this website, or through the TSS website, or by phone, or email, or even in person :-)

Geoff, Chas and Sarah

QRF Models

Where are the new WW1 figures??

For now, check out the full listing at the TSS website or all the new figures/vehicles/artillery, and watch this space...



We have a partner agreement with TSS to produce terrain. TSS is a manufacturer of modular terrain tiles, suitable for any period. TSS also produces a vast (and expanding) range of resin buildings and other scenic items.



New website

Yes, we have been quietly working on a new QRF website, which is 'almost' ready.Keep an eye out for the website launch shortly, along with a launch discount ;-)

Is your email address right?

We have thousands of customers, many of whom subscribe to our newsletter. You can log into your account and select to subscribe, or not, to our newsletter. We send out odd announcements, such as notification of sales, special discounts, promotions and deteials of new releases, often several weeks earlier than they may apear on the website.

But it needs your up to date email address. I just sent a newsletter and had nearly 100 bounce back with unknown email address. Please log into your account and check, and if neccessary correct your email address :-)

Can I visit?

We do not have a a retail shop front. We can only accept visitors with prior notice due to health and safety restrictions (customers and hot metal tend not to mix well), but if you do wish to drop in give us a call on 01963 363521 and we will try and accommodate you!
We can be found at:

QRF Models, Unit 2 Gibbs Marsh Farm, Stalbridge, Dorset DT10 2RU

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