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We are back

If you placed your order shortly before our summer shut down, or while we were away, please do bear with us while we catch up!!

Geoff, Chas and Sarah


Where are the new WW1 figures??

Check out the full listing at the TSS website or all the new figures/vehicles/artillery!


Platoon Pack Discounts?

Absolutely. These are automatic, so you don't need to do anything fancy. Essentially, put 3 or more of the same item in your shopping cart and it will automatically calculate a 5% discount on those items. That's because we can cast up multiple items at the same time, saving time and money, and we pass that cost onto you, the wargamer. But it gets even better. Put 6 or more of the same item into the cart and it gives you 10% off those tiems, so the more you buy, the more you save!


Large quantity discounts?

You don't want much, do you? We give you high quality models at really good prices, a multiple purchase discount structure... and you want even more?

We don't do much in the way of large order discounts. That's because we offer you such great prices right from the outset, rather than inflate the prices then give lots of discounts.

Ok, but this is the last one.

In recognition of the work put in by Mike Edwards at the Cardiff club in his blog 'Stopping the Red Tide' (http://stoppingtheredtide.blogspot.co.uk/) we have created the following:

On checkout enter the following redemption code: Redtide

It gives anyone who uses this code a 20% discount on total orders of £100 or more. And better still, this works on top of any platoon pack deals (so buying 10 BMPs would give them 10% off those items, plus another 20% off the total if the order total came to £100 or more).

Is your email address right?

We have thousands of customers, many of whom subscribe to our newsletter. You can log into your account and select to subscribe, or not, to our newsletter. We send out odd announcements, such as notification of sales, special discounts, promotions and deteials of new releases, often several weeks earlier than they may apear on the website.

But it needs your up to date email address. I just sent a newsletter and had nearly 100 bounce back with unknown email address. Please log into your account and check, and if neccessary correct your email address :-)

Can I visit?

We do not have a a retail shop front. We can only accept visitors with prior notice due to health and safety restrictions (customers and hot metal tend not to mix well), but if you do wish to drop in give us a call on 01963 363521 and we will try and accommodate you!
We can be found at:

QRF Models, Unit 2 Gibbs Marsh Farm, Stalbridge, Dorset DT10 2RU

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